Moving Sounds is movement. Movement of energy. Movement of focus. Movement of space. Movement of one's own boundaries and movement towards new directions and unique approaches. It is shifts, sometimes gradual, sometimes sharp. It is instability. It is visionary. It is risky. 

"Since its founding in 2009, Moving Sounds, a festival about sound and contemporary music, has always brought two, or sometimes three, types of media together, pairing contemporary classical music with such artistic endeavors as electronica, architecture, dance and movement, sound art, improvisation, and film.
    Again and again, the Moving Sounds team has found that the most exciting outcome to the festival is when audiences from one discipline are exposed to the art and music of another discipline.
    Our goal is that artists and audiences alike leave the festival richer, more open, and less sheltered as a result of organized exposure to both familiar and unfamiliar art. This year‘s Moving Sounds will, for the first time, have a singular focus, and will be presenting exclusively female artists working in electronic sound media.
    Don’t miss Moving Sounds 2016 - join us in our exploration and celebration of the diverse individual voices of these exciting artists."  Michel Galante, Moving Sounds Co-founder, Argento