Sound provides both a sense of localization as well as a spectrum of interpretable meanings that can exist within the public sphere. It is deeply private, solitary even, yet it leads us to seek each other out, to move with each other in every sense of the word.

But sound itself is unfaithful. It is never truly ours as it touches everyone it possibly can, passing through environments, performance, online space, and even through headphones. One cannot close one's ears to publicly diffused sound works: it is a shared encounter by definition. Even the term hi-fidelity is based on the quality of reproduction, on multiplicity in relationship to a singular origin sound and in this way is about collectivity of experience.

As a studio for experiments with technology toward a more imaginative and just world, Eyebeam focuses on shared experience and the community this engenders. In this exciting relationship with Ars Electronica, a central goal is to create a space for ideas, experimentation in digital media, and performance-making, sonically. Particularly, to better understand the vastness of what is communicated through the textures of sound in the works of each of the curated artists at this moment of urgency.

These artists bring to the festival sound as irregular magic, sound as child of other sounds in the mix, and sound as a prompt for new ideas.

-----J. Soto and Laura Welzenbach of Eyebeam

This year's program is curated by Ars Electronica and Eyebeam together with ISSUE Project Room and POWRPLNT.