Born in Graz and best known for her theremin style, Moving Sounds 2016 festival curator Dorit Chrysler also has a prolific performing career as a vocalist, guitarist and producer.

One of the few theremin virtuosos worldwide, she is the founder of the New York Theremin Society and America’s first theremin school for children. Following her Musicology studies in Vienna, she moved to New York to start a career as a writer, producer and musician. Her solo work ranges from electronic pop to film soundscapes – most recently for the soundtrack of the HBO documentary Going Clear. She has performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, collaborated with numerous international artists and produced a wide range of compositions, some of them commissioned by the Venice Biennale and the MoMA Film Department. Recipient of several residencies and grants, she is also the subject of a documentary in the making  following her most recent travels to China, Japan, Russia, and Brazil. More information here.